Why you should attend

Providing a platform for F&I speakers to deliver their views on interpreting FCA regulations and encouraging the sharing of ideas, opinions and experiences, our conference explore questions such as:-

  1. What are the best ways to ‘treat customers fairly’?
  2. How do you create a culture which fits the FCA’s objectives?
  3. How are dealer colleagues and suppliers meeting the challenge?
  4. Does the traditional sales model need to evolve to better comply?
  5. Have the FCA regulations resulted in a more open and transparent way to conduct business?
  6. What are the best practices currently in operation at dealerships?
  7. How are dealers combining compliance and profitability?
  8. How have suppliers interpreted the regulations and what are the different models at work?
  9. How are dealers managing different models of selling from the variety of finance providers in one dealership or within a multi-franchise group?
  10. What trends are likely to influence the F&I sector?
  11. How have dealers managed the application for full authorisation?
  12. What F&I information are consumers searching for and how can dealers better meet their requirements?
  13. What else can dealers be doing to provide an enhanced F&I service to consumers?
  14. Will F&I providers and dealers naturally gravitate towards a single way of meeting FCA guidelines or will it be a diverse landscape and which scenario is best?
  15. What examples of best practice are currently in operating in the franchise network?


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